Travel Safety

Avoid travelling mishaps and pitfalls by being prepared. Our Travel Safety Packs and Travel Safety Courses will empower, educate and enrich your travel experience before you even go by giving you vital knowledge and tips that will keep you safe.

Travel Safety Packs

Our downloadable Travel Safety Packs are must reads before you or your loved ones head off. They are not guidebooks but are to be used to help you pack, prepare and make the most of your adventure! We have split the packs into 4 categories: Preparing for your Trip, While you are Away, Staying Safe as you Travel and Self Defence & Basic First Aid. Each pack is full of valuable information and tips on ways to ensure your own safety before you head off and while you are away.

Our packs are UNIQUE as we draw upon our self defence background and training to give you an insight into various Self Defence, Breakaway Skills and First Aid that will be crucial if you ever find yourself in a dangerous situation!

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Travel Safety Courses

Our Travel Safety Courses are designed by experienced travellers to share and pass on their knowledge to you to give you an advantage when it comes to travelling safely. Our courses should be a necessity if you are a lone backpacker but also a huge comfort if you are going away travelling with family or friends.

Our courses are fun and interactive as we mix learning Self Defence Skills with interesting Travel Safety Information, Advice, Stories and Tips.

Travel Safety Course Options:

  • Full Day Travel Safety and Self Defence
  • 5 Hour Travel Safety and Self Defence
  • 2 Hour Travel Safety Introduction
  • Travel Safety Sessions for Schools and Universities
What our Courses Cover
  • Travel Preparations – Packing lists
  • Safety While you are Away: Accommodation, Food & Drink
  • Using transport safely during your trip
  • Luggage and property security
  • Recognising and Understanding Local Culture
  • Travel Tips and Advice, doing research prior to your trip
  • Organising Comprehensive Travel Insurance
  • Money – All things money related including safety, currency conversion and budgeting
  • Communicating with home, how to do it best
  • Muggings and robberies, avoiding and dealing with situations
  • Recognising Conflict
  • Using reliable and good value travel companies
  • Tipping and Haggling
  • Scams and Cons
  • Health, vaccinations and first aid kits
  • Documentation storage and security, making sure all those documents are safe
  • Personal Safety Models and Law
  • Low Level Breakaway Skills
  • High Level Breakaway Techniques
  • Further Self Defence Techniques
  • Self Defence Aids
  • Women Specific Self Defence Skill
  • Visa questions and border crossings
  • Drugs and Alcohol? Realistic and practical tips
  • Gap Year Safety Course

For the Adventurer

So you’ve decided to take an adventure!

Why we think YOU should consider our course…

We were once in a position very much like yours!  Planning our first big trip to different areas of the world, nervous yet excited…

We have enjoyed and feel grateful for our travel experiences and have so many great memories that we can share and cherish forever.  Yet we both believe we didn’t always reach the full potential of some of our trips.  Whether it was overpacking, or lack of local knowledge or not knowing how to deal with an uncomfortable situation.  We know taking a travel course would have helped us make the most of every moment we were away. So this is the information we wish we had known coming straight to you in the form of one of our fun and interactive courses.


*Contact us for any information and questions and check out our blogs to get some top tips and ideas.

Family and Friends of the Adventurer

Its becoming more and more popular for the younger generations to decide on taking large trips/holidays or ‘gap years’ to places all over the globe.  This can include students looking to travel before continuing their studies or pursuing their chosen career path. Quite frankly it can be a little overwhelming for you parents. However savvy or experienced your child may be, it’s only natural to worry about their wellbeing and how they will handle these new experiences.  In this situation we really believe it is best to equip these youngsters will the best knowledge and skills before they go.  We wish we had been given access to information like this before we went on our travelling and that’s why we are making it available to aspiring travellers now!

We have created the travel safety packs and courses to understand and deal with the myths, concerns and questions that many people have prior to planning and taking an adventurous trip for the first time or even the second or third…

We want to ensure that all students come away feeling they have had a really well rounded course experience. Not only do we provide excellent travel information but we also emphasise the importance of physical and verbal skills needed to diffuse and defend yourself in a conflict situation while abroad.  This course will also help them understand various safety models and laws to help them StaySafe while enjoying themselves abroad!

Why train with us

With the increased accessibility of travel more people are heading overseas than ever before. The younger generations are all about exploring by backpack, family holidays and trips away with friends.

At StaySafe Defence, we are just as passionate about exploring the world as you. But we also recognise the need learn about personal and travel safety skills to StaySmart and StaySafe. We know travelling abroad can be dangerous and focus on improving people’s personal safety awareness and self defence skills, so you can always protect yourself.

We have designed a number of travel safety packs and courses that improve your awareness, teach you ways to avoid hostile and dangerous situations and show you effective ways to address violence. As keen travellers ourselves, we draw on our own travel experiences to give you useful vacation travel safety tips that will help you keep calm and stay safe when travelling.

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