Self Defence Training

Simple, Effective and Friendly Self Defence Training

Our self defence training is designed to give you the knowledge and skills necessary to protect yourself in any conflict situation. Our Skills and Techniques are Easy to Learn + Simple to Apply = Easy to Recall! 

Our training approach is friendly and open and we encourage you to ask as many questions as you can! Though learning physical self defence skills is important, we also believe in the importance of having an understanding of various self defence theories and concepts. During our sessions we can discuss topics such as; the law in relation to self defence, the use and legality of a pre-emptive strike and also personal safety concepts such as the SAFER Model.

No matter how long you train with us, we want you to leave feeling empowered and confident in your own knowledge and abilities!

We can customise our training to suit everyone, from private self defence training to group sessions at schools and organisations – we really do have something for everybody!

What sort of Self Defence training are you after?


We are based in the Leeds and Yorkshire area.

We can travel to you to deliver our self defence training throughout the UK. Our broad range of physical self defence techniques mean we have a session for everyone. You can even customise a course to suit your needs and interests – so just tell us what you want the course to cover and let us bring our expert knowledge and experience to you!

For further enquiries please email or use our enquiries form and we will do our best to accommodate your needs and requests.

Why Train with Us?

At StaySafe Defence we draw on a combination of life experiences and professional expertise to create a dynamic and immersive self defence training environment that is currently relevant as well as enjoyable and accessible to everyone. We are:

  • DBS Checked and Approved
  • Fully Insured
  • First Aid Trained

Our young and highly qualified self defence and breakaway trainers have a huge amount of knowledge and experience. By tailor making our courses and classes to suit you we make sure that you get the very best out of yourself as well as the course. Alongside selecting the most relevant and up to date information for you, our courses are excellent value for money and are delivered within realistic timeframes to suit your lifestyle and your budget.

Why are we Different?

Our self defence skills are simple to learn so they are easy to remember and recall at that crucial moment!  In our sessions, we demonstrate and practice a wide range of self defence skills. You are able to ask as many questions as you like which will help you get to grips with the skills and techniques quicker.


To get the most out of your self defence training we encourage questions about the techniques and will aim to answer any questions on personal safety you may have. Let us know if you have something specific you want to learn or talk about and we will do our best to make sure we cover it.

Women’s Only Learning – We can deliver women’s self defense training to help empower and build confidence in a way that cannot often be done in a mixed gender learning environment. These sessions allow us to explore areas of self defence for women, such as; rape awareness and predator mentality as well as self defence techniques that don’t rely on strength or aggression but are effective in keeping you safe.

Some of the Topics and Skills we Cover:

  • Open P.A.L.M.S Model
  • S.A.F.E.R Model
  • The law in relation to self defence
  • Pre-Emptive Strike
  • Defence Against an Attack
  • Creating Space and Using Body Language
  • Basic Guard Against Punches, Slaps and Kicks
  • Low Level Breakaway Techniques
  • Ground Defence
  • Escape from Situations
  • Confined Space Breakaway
  • High Level Breakaway Techniques
  • Self Defence Aids (shin kicks, palms strikes, knee strikes etc.)
  • Rape Defence
  • Women Specific Self Defence Skills
  • Self Defence Against Weapons
  • Self Defence Against Property Theft

Customise Your Experience

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