Eat Local!

Here at StaySafe Defence we love good food! We believe food is such a large part of your travelling experience. Ourselves and other travellers agree – we can’t stress enough how great street food and local food can be!

However you still need to be careful when eating local street food and here are our tips:

1) Eat where the locals eat.
2) Eat in restaurants/ food stalls where it is busy- this means fast food turnover and it must be busy for a reason right?!
3) Use your senses: Eyes – does it look good?👀 Nose – how does it smell? 👃🏼 Mouth – does it taste ok, if it doesn’t taste right to you don’t eat it!👄

Use your instincts and make the most of all the wonderful cuisines on offer🙂🙂 .
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    Nathan in Vietnam 

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