Travel Safety and Self Defence


Make sure you are safety prepared for your travels. We offer downloadable Travel Safety Packs that will help you prepare for your trip with great pre-trip information, tips and other downloadable content such as: Essential First Aid Checklist, Guide to Haggling and much much more!

The easiest and most comprehensive way to make sure you are ready for your travels is to come along to one of our Travel Safety Courses. This in depth course combines travel advice and tips from experienced travellers with real life stories and great up to date information.


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With backgrounds in Self Defence and Physical Restraint, our trainers deliver a range of self defence training options. We teach a wide selection of simple-to-learn-easy-to-recall self defence techniques and breakaway skills. We offer training for:

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UK Wide Travel Safety and Self Defence Training

We are a travel and personal safety training company with ready-to-download training packs designed to give you the best knowledge to prepare and enjoy your travelling all while boosting your personal safety awareness. We also deliver our training wherever you are and all our training can be tailored to your needs or learning desires – use our enquiry form to begin personalise a course for you.

Travel Safety

We offer travel safety information packs and courses to help you StaySafe while you are abroad. We are UNIQUE in that we blend up to date travel safety information with our background in self defence to give you a Travel Safety Experience like no other!

Self Defence

With a background in Self Defence and Physical Restraint, our instructors also deliver personal safety training. This is a great way to learn a variety of self defence and breakaway skills as well as ask any questions on self defence that you may have.

Learn a variety of Self Defence Skills and Breakaway Techniques


Our training is designed for everyone which means you DON’T have to be an olympic athlete or Kung Fu Master to be able to participate and learn what we do. We think that everyone should learn about Self Defence and minimising conflict so we hope to see you on a course or for private training soon!

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Read our helpful articles on self defence tips, best self defence techniques, women safety tips, travel safety advice and stories and more! Have your questions on self defence and how to stay safe answered, get in touch with other trainees and read tips on self defence that help you StaySafe.